Golden number

Golden Class Size

International Training and Cooperation Institute (ITCI) applies the “golden class size” in each class of the High-Quality Program, aiming to create an excellent educational environment for students:

📌 Commitment to a class size of no more than 30 students.

📌 Proper seating arrangement that facilitates interaction between teachers and students during the learning process.

📌 Spacious and well-ventilated classrooms suitable for studying and research, enabling students to easily absorb knowledge.

📌 Internationally standard facilities, high-quality teaching equipment that meets all learning, practical, research, and entertainment needs of students.

The golden class size in the High-Quality Program allows for multidimensional learning with increased interaction between teachers and students, as well as among students themselves. This stimulates active and proactive learning, exchanging doubts and questions with peers and teachers. Students can learn, apply appropriate learning methods, and master the knowledge of their chosen profession creatively and deeply. It also promotes discussions with teachers and classmates to enhance knowledge, improve skills, and accumulate experience throughout the learning process and in their future careers.

ITCI always focuses on and emphasizes the improvement of the learning environment. Investments and constructions are made to create a dynamic and integrated learning space (common study areas, group study spaces, recreational areas, etc.) within the school to meet all the needs of students in studying and research. Additionally, modern, well-ventilated, quiet classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art facilities are essential conditions for conducting in-depth studies and achieving better learning outcomes.

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