Overview of the Information Technology industry

Nowadays, Information Technology (IT) is considered one of the most attractive and popular fields of study for many students. With technology being applied in various aspects of life, such as manufacturing, business, education, healthcare, and government administration, the IT industry is increasingly asserting its position.

In the modern era, the IT field serves as both a stepping stone to keep up with global development and an opportunity to optimize labor productivity and reduce manual labor and production costs. Despite the strong trend in the IT industry, the biggest challenge lies in the availability of skilled workforce. Therefore, this is considered a golden period for students to study and work in the IT field, showcasing their talents and shaping a bright future for themselves.

The International Training and Cooperation Institute (ITCI) was established in 2008, under East Asia University of Technology. With a mission to provide internationally standardized courses, ITCI focuses on educational partnerships with renowned universities and educational institutions worldwide, aiming to elevate the quality of education for Vietnamese students.

Modern and well-equipped facilities 

Students have the opportunity to learn from experienced professors, including many who hold doctoral degrees, professorships, and foreign experts who have studied or worked abroad. In addition to academic knowledge, students also receive training in soft skills. From the first year, students are assigned to work on major projects within the university and have the opportunity to intern at various organizations and large enterprises.

The IT program is designed with four knowledge blocks: General knowledge, foundational knowledge, specialized knowledge, and internships. The curriculum is integrated and balanced, combining fundamental knowledge with the latest technologies and techniques. Importantly, students are trained to focus on practical skills, application abilities, and creativity. The courses are designed with a reasonable pace to stimulate students’ interest in learning right from the beginning.

Information Technology: What’s Included in the Specialized Knowledge Block?

The specialized knowledge block comprises integrated courses that strike a balance between fundamental knowledge from mathematics and basic science in the IT field, as well as programming, terminology, database, operating systems, computer networks, software development, project management, and even subjects like artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Specialized fields include:

  • Computer Networking & Communications
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Management Information Systems


The IT industry is currently facing a shortage of skilled professionals, particularly those with high-quality skills. As a result, job prospects for IT graduates are extremely promising. Post-graduation career options in the IT field include:

Designing, developing, and managing research and application projects in IT

Managing, supervising, and investing in IT projects

Data mining and quantitative analysis for businesses

Developing social media applications and web technologies

Proficiency in 3D product development and character modeling.

Furthermore, students with language skills have the opportunity to study abroad in countries with thriving IT sectors and work for international companies upon graduation.


Language Proficiency during and after graduation: ITCI students will become proficient in English through a curriculum that includes 6 English courses ranging from basic to advanced levels, including specialized courses. Additionally, students will study specialized subjects in English with experienced experts and faculty members. Upon graduation, students will achieve an equivalent IELTS score of 6.0. With these advantages, graduates can compete in the job market.

Highly Qualified Faculty Meeting International Standards: Students will learn from foreign lecturers, full-time faculty members who have studied abroad, and experts currently working in major IT companies that collaborate with the university.

Utilization of Modern Teaching Methods: The teaching approach emphasizes student engagement, encourages active learning, and focuses on enhancing experiences and developing soft skills.

Optimal Student Numbers: Unlike the traditional system, an International Program class will have a maximum of 30 students, ensuring individual attention and providing the best learning conditions.

Superior Facilities: The institute offers a sophisticated and modern learning environment with advanced equipment and state-of-the-art laboratories to serve students’ needs.

How do students apply for admission to the High-Quality Information Technology (IT) Program?

In 2022, the East Asia University of Technology (EAUT) considers applicants for the High-Quality IT Program through three methods:

  • Academic Transcript Evaluation:

Applicants need to meet two conditions:

  • Achieve a score of 18 or higher in the evaluation. This score is based on the average of three subjects (as per the admission requirements) from grades 10 and 11, as well as the first semester of grade 12 (a total of 5 semesters), along with any bonus points (if applicable). Alternatively, the score can be based on the average of three subjects from grade 12 plus any bonus points (if applicable).
  • Complete the National High School Graduation Examination.
  • National High School Graduation Examination Score:
  • Applicants need to achieve a total score on the National High School Graduation Examination for the subjects specified in the admission requirements that is equal to or higher than the university’s admission score.
  • Foreign Language Examination Score:
  • Applicants need to hold a valid foreign language certificate by the approval date, with the following minimum scores: IELTS 4.5, TOEFL iBT 53, TOEFL ITP 450, or an English language proficiency certificate at Level 3 for use in Vietnam.

Tuition Fees:

The tuition fee for the High-Quality Information Technology (IT) Program is 50,000,000 VND per year. The university guarantees no increase in tuition fees for 4 years.

Students pay tuition fees per credit each semester. For first-year students, the tuition fee is paid upon enrollment. Starting from the second semester of the first year and onwards, students pay tuition fees according to the schedule provided by the training department.

Additional Fees:

Application and Transcript Evaluation Fee: 350,000 VND per student.

Enrollment Fee: 50,000 VND per student.

Library Fee: 50,000 VND per student.

Student ID Card: 50,000 VND per student.

Mandatory Health Insurance: As per government regulations.

Medical Examination: As per government regulations.

Youth Union Fee: As per regulations of the Central Committee of the Youth Union.

Exam Retake or Course Repeat Fee: Specific fees apply for each course.

Uniform: 350,000 VND per student.

Apart from the above-mentioned fees, the university does not charge any additional fees unless notified in writing via students’ email and official university media channels.

Scholarship Policies:

  • Merit-Based Scholarships:

50% tuition fee scholarship for first-year students with IELTS certificate score of 6.0 valid until the approval date.

75% tuition fee scholarship for first-year students with IELTS certificate score of 6.5 valid until the approval date.

100% tuition fee scholarship for first-year students with IELTS certificate score of 7.0 valid until the approval date.

New students admitted to the regular program who meet the eligibility criteria for the EAUT-Sky scholarship and meet the English subject average requirement in grade 12 (according to annual requirements) will retain an equivalent scholarship if they choose to enroll in the High-Quality Program.

In subsequent years, students will continue to maintain their scholarship if their end-of-year academic results meet the regulations set by the International Training and Cooperation Institute according to the annual plan.

  • Entrance Scholarships:

Candidates may be awarded scholarships ranging from 25% to 100% of the tuition fee (or equivalent) when participating in the Entrance Scholarship Examination organized by the International Training and Cooperation Institute of East Asia University of Technology.

  • Admission Documents:

The admission documents include the following:

  • 01 certified copy of high school transcript (notarized photocopy within 6 months)
  • 01 recent 3x4cm passport-sized photo
  • 01 copy of identification card/citizen identification (notarized photocopy within 6 months)
  • One English certificate (if available) (notarized photocopy within 6 months)


  • Direct submission: Hand in your application directly to the International Training and Cooperation Institute (ITCI) at the following address: Dinh Trong Dat Building , CN1 Street, Phuong Canh Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi. (Contact Ms. Huyen: 0389.838.312; 024.6262.7792)
  • Postal submission: For applications submitted by post, please clearly write “<APPLICATION FOR UNIVERSITY ADMISSION 2023>” and send it to the following address: International Training and Cooperation Institute (ITCI) at the following address: Dinh Trong Dat Building , CN1 Street, Phuong Canh Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi. (Contact Ms. Huyen: 0389.838.312; 024.6262.7792)