Question 1: If I have poor English skills, especially in listening and speaking, can I still enroll in the High-Quality Program?

Students who have weak English skills, particularly in listening and speaking, can absolutely join the High-Quality Program and keep up with the learning process in class. ITCI allocates a well-balanced curriculum and offers various support policies for students. Specifically:


In the first semester of the first year, students will attend three Generl English courses to improve English proficiency. These courses are designed to help students review and improve their language skills in all four aspects: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This period allows students to make progress in English, and gain confidence to study the foundational and specialized subjects in the following stages. For students who already have a good English foundation, they will have the opportunity to reinforce their English knowledge and engage in regular practice to enhance their communication skills in an academic environment.


Outside of regular classes, students who need extra support can attend English tutoring sessions in small groups or one-on-one with experienced teachers, including native English speakers or Vietnamese teachers graduating from English-speaking countries.


Therefore, students will receive a suitable academic program and maximum support to continue their studies without worrying about any issues related to their English level.


Question 2: Is it possible for me to enroll in the High-Quality Program if my family isn’t financially well-off?

East Asia University of Technology offers the High-Quality Program with the aim of providing opportunities for students who dream of studying in a professional environment following international standards but cannot study abroad. Dedicated and passionate students are encouraged through a variety of scholarships, ranging from 25% to 100% of the total annual tuition fees. More information about the scholarship levels can be found at:


Question 3: Do tuition fees at the university increase every year? What are the fees that students need to pay?

East Asia University of Technology does not increase tuition fees annually. The tuition fees for each major are posted publicly before, during, and after the Admission and Enrollment process. Beside tuition fees, you are also responsible for other charges like admission fees, library fees, student ID card fees, uniforms, and health insurance. No additional charges are included during your learning process.

Question 4: Can I pay tuition fees per semester?

Yes, you can pay tuition fees either per semester or per year. Your payment status can be tracked on the website To register for dormitory accommodations, you should directly contact the counseling staff for further assistance.

Question 5: What are the study abroad opportunities for me as enrolling in the High-Quality Program?

As a student in the High-Quality Program, you have exciting study abroad opportunities, starting from strengthening your English skills and gaining major-related vocabulary through English-medium courses. The program aligns with partner universities’ standards, facilitating seamless transitions for students interested in studying abroad. ITCI has partnerships with universities in the UK, France, the USA, and other countries. High-Quality Program students can pursue study abroad transfers from their second or third year, with potential scholarships available from partner institutions.

Question 6: What if I feel overwhelmed with pressure (financial or emotional) Would I be able to switch to the regular mainstream program?


Usually, students in the High-Quality Program don’t want to switch to the regular mainstream program because they have a good learning environment and support. But if a student feels they need to, they can transfer. ITCI understands and wants to help students learn and develop based on their own needs and abilities.

Question 7: What are the scholarship criteria? Can students in the second, third, and fourth years receive scholarships?


The GLOBAL CITIZEN SCHOLARSHIP is exclusively for students in the High-Quality Program. It provides scholarships ranging from 25% to 100% of tuition fees for students in all academic years. Therefore, students who work hard in their studies have the opportunity to receive scholarships for all years at the university.


Question 8: What are the employment opportunities after graduation? Does the university provide support for job placement?


EAUT has many partners, including the Polyco Group and the Human Resource Development Center (IHRDC), which offer numerous job opportunities both domestically and internationally through paid internships. In the High-Quality Program, students have direct access to businesses from their first year and participate in company tours and internships throughout their academic years. This is a great opportunity for students to become familiar with the professional environment and build valuable relationships for future employment even before they graduate.


If you have any further questions, please leave your contact information, or directly contact us using the contact details provided below.

Thank you.


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