International Training and Cooperation Institute was established on June 19, 2018, according to Decision No. 88/2018/QD-HDQT by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of East Asia University of Technology. ITCI’s objectives include (1) establishing international cooperation relationships to develop educational and research partnerships, technology transfer, faculty and student exchanges, expanding internship opportunities, and job opportunities abroad for students; and (2) providing high-quality training for students with excellent competence in the fields of Business Management and Information Technology to meet the current demand for skilled workforce.

Currently, ITCI has successfully connected and facilitated the signing of cooperation agreements with many international partners such as Birmingham University, Cape Breton University, Anglia Ruskin University, INTI International University, Ludwig Fresenius Schulen, TAFE New South Wales, F+U Education Group,, and Applyboard. The partnerships have opened up opportunities for knowledge exchange, study abroad programs, professional internships, and overseas settlement for students enrolled in the university.

In addition, ITCI is implementing a high-quality training program (taught in English) for two majors: Business Management and Information Technology. Students in the high-quality program enjoy special benefits, including:

  • International standard curriculum.
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty, consisting of foreign professors or Vietnamese professors who have graduated from prestigious universities in developed countries.
  • Dedicated learning areas equipped with modern facilities.
  • Participation in seminars, business exchanges, skill improvement workshops, and exchange courses with domestic and international partners.
  • Access to free tutoring on 1-1 or small group sessions outside of class hours.
  • Participation in exclusive clubs for students in the high-quality program.

Benefiting from a comprehensive educational environment, ITCI students in the high-quality program hold the promise of becoming outstanding global citizens