Program taught in English

With the trend of globalization and development, being proficient in foreign languages in general and English, in particular, is a key factor that helps students open up opportunities and achievements after graduating from university. Moreover, the process of mastering English also brings comprehensive personal development in many aspects.

The goal of educating students who are not only good at foreign languages but also have strong expertise and practical skills is to enhance employment opportunities after graduation. It can be said that the English-taught training program at East Asia University of Technology (EAUT) attracts a large number of interested students due to its interesting features and benefits. The program is supplemented with foreign textbooks.

The English-taught training program is an integrated program built on a rational basis, compact and carefully balanced between subjects and teaching hours. This program has been continuously researched and updated to fit the practical needs. It can be said that when students follow this program, they not only ensure the amount of knowledge acquisition as in the general program but also have the opportunity to improve their English proficiency.

With the English taught training program, students will use English throughout their learning journey, including textbooks, lectures, exams, assessments, thesis writing, and research in their fields of study, especially in specialized subjects taught entirely in English.

Knowledge, skills, and language proficiency are crucial factors that help students succeed in meeting the demands of employers after graduation. The Undergraduate programs taught in English fully meet these factors, as they are taught in English, which enhances students’ communication abilities. It also emphasizes maximizing academic management regulations and applying assessment methods focused on developing analytical, practical, and creative skills.

The English-taught training program, with its emphasis on strengthening English proficiency, can help students shine. It not only allows you to tap into your potential but also provides numerous opportunities for your future, especially at a time when the whole world is moving toward international integration. Choosing an English-taught training program is a smart decision that allows you to study and access the necessary knowledge more easily.

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