Lecturers who are foreign or have studied/trained abroad

In the English-taught training program, the faculty consists of lecturers and instructors with a Ph.D. or Master’s degree from foreign training programs. The entire program uses active teaching methods, focusing on students, and instructors inspire students about their profession.

At International Training and Cooperation Institute (ITCI), lecturers and instructors are experts in Information Technology and Business Administration, with international work and research experience. So, students will gain much intensive and extensive knowledge from theory to practice.

The teaching staff is not only highly qualified but also passionate, responsible, and professional. This ensures the quality of education and training at ITCI, guaranteeing that learners will meet the requirements of high-quality, globally competitive human resources.

Students also have the opportunity to gain real-world experience to enhance their knowledge. They can learn from professors, experts, and lecturers through seminars, exchanges, and internships. This allows students to acquire additional knowledge and learn how to apply it in practice.

The teaching method follows an open and understanding approach, with a focus on the learner, which helps students develop comprehensive and profound perspectives when examining issues.

In addition to teaching faculty, there is also a team of academic advisors who provide guidance and support to students to help them maximize their learning potential. These advisors assist students in their academic, research, and course selection choices to meet their graduation goals and improve their employability after graduation. They also monitor students’ progress and training to ensure that students have the best conditions for their education and development.

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