Modern and comfortable facilities

Modern and well-equipped facilities

ITCI continuously upgrades our modern and well-equipped facilities to create the best learning and training environment for students, as well as meet the teaching and working requirements of faculty members and staff. These facilities include:

International standard classrooms: Dedicated modern classrooms located on the 5th floor of the Dinh Trong Dat Building ensure a conducive learning and research environment with advanced equipment and technology for effective student-teacher interaction. The spacious classrooms are equipped with desks, chairs, projectors, and air conditioning, providing convenience and comfort for students during their studies.

Library: Students have access to a diverse collection of Vietnamese and English resources, including a wide range of books on various topics, regularly updated in both hardcopy and digital formats. Additionally, a full-time library staff is available to support and assist students in researching and accessing materials through modern computer systems.

Sports facilities: EAUT provides gymnasiums, sports fields for basketball, football, volleyball, and other specialized equipment to support sporting activities.

Technology: The high-quality program’s teaching and learning facilities focus on investing in Information Technology and Communication (ITC) along with the latest classroom technologies to ensure effective learning and teaching at the university. Students and teachers are supported by technological devices such as interactive whiteboards and projectors, enhancing the effectiveness of personalized learning models. 

Furthermore, the institute’s facilities undergo regular inspection, maintenance, and upgrades to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff.

The International Cooperation and Exchange Institute at Dong A University of Technology encourages parents and students to visit the institute and the university to gain a better understanding of the facilities, teaching programs, and our faculty. To schedule a visit or receive further information, parents and students can contact the Admissions Department of the International Cooperation and Exchange Institute via the phone number and email provided below:

Phone: 024.6262.7792


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